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Our story

Mode 4x4 Accessories is an integral part of Zone RV's expansion and growth. Our mission is to create high-performance off-road components specifically designed for 4x4 vehicles. We strive to prioritize lightweight, innovative, and durable components that instill confidence when you need it most. Our range of accessories begins with composite canopies for 4x4 dual cab off-road vehicles, available for a variety of popular 4x4 models. Our canopy range is designed to help you stay within the constraints of your GVM and GCM while exploring your favorite destinations.

 Mode Canopy - our story


Mode 4x4 Accessories is owned and run by Zone RV,  one of Australia's leading off road caravan manufacturers. Zone RV are focused on building lightweight off road caravans while maintaining a extremely strong construction. Based in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia, our research, design & manufacturing techniques are lead by industry experts.


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All canopy components are manufactured in house utilizing industry leading technology, including the largest 3D printer in the southern hemisphere. This technology allows us to manufacture composite components with millimeter accuracy.


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We want to help you build a light, stronger & safer 4x4 . To make it easier for you to find a Mode 4x4 Accessories canopy, we have now secured dealers across Australia. 

Our dealers specialize in 4x4 vehicles and are dedicated to assisting you in creating the ideal 4x4 setup for your adventures, whether it's for off-roading, touring, or towing. We are committed to helping you design the perfect canopy for your journeys!

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Experience the lightest 4x4 canopy on the market backed by our innovative composite construction. 



Our focus lies in delivering performance, technology, and function to ensure an exceptional experience.



We prioritize strength, lightweight design, and unwavering quality to ensure superior off-road performance.